Although we all have our preferences and favorites for wines, these top brands are a good way to start if you want to concentrate more on wine’s health benefits than its taste.

•    Melville 2017 Estate Pinot Noir

•    Lapostolle Casa Merlot

•    Bonterra Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon

•    Scribe 2018 Carneros Pinot Noir

•    Willamette Valley Vineyards 2018 Whole Cluster Pinot Noir

•    Parducci Sustainable Red Wine

Some wines are made using sustainable practices that ensure that all the plants used were grown organically. These few wines have many positive reviews backing them that puts them at the top of the list for one of the most suitable healthy wines out there. Join in on the discussion for the healthy fest wine available at Uk Collected Reviews to discover other top wines. 


It’s no news by now that red wine has some health benefits that include boosting immunity and reduces the risks of heart disease. Although the dosage to get these health benefits have been restricted to one or two glasses per day and now more, what are the best wine choices to drink if you want to invest in your health? These wine choices are the most suitable choices to get healthy. 

•    Pinot noir: red wines are generally healthier than whites. What makes them healthy is the high level of resveratrol that is present in it. Resveratrol is found on the skin of grapes, which is also included in the wine making process. Pinot noir wines are one of the healthiest wines there is because it has a higher level of resveratrol than other types of wine. It also has low sugar content and Low calories at the end of production. 

•    Merlot: this type of wine also has a high level of resveratrol present in it. This way, you get benefits that can also aid in reducing age-related diseases. As if the heart benefits are not enough, red wine can also ease joint pain. 

•    Rose: although made differently from other red wines, rose still contains all the antioxidants that will improve health that is peculiar to all red wines. It is mostly seen as a white wine because of its color, but it is made with grape skins like red wines. 

•    Malbec: Malbec wine grapes have the thickest skins of all wine grapes, following our earlier explanation this means that it contains a whole lot of resveratrol. This means that the antioxidant properties that resveratrol brings the present in Malbec more than other wine types. They are very healthy and have a blackberry and black cherry flavor infused in mocha. It is usually darker than most wines.

•    Carbernet Sauvignon: this is made with the most planted wine grapes in the world. Along with the normal benefits of red wine, sauvignons also contain a chemical that kills cavity-causing bacteria, which means better teeth health for you. 

When choosing an appropriate wine type for yourself, you should prioritize health over sweeter blends. You can also try being adventurous by not buying the same brand over and over again. Some online wine stores will help you check out specifications on wine before you buy them. Flavourly is a type of wine store. Check out reviews to know more about Flavourly