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Your COVID-19 Glossary | NIH MedlinePlus Magazine

Here’s a list of health and fitness phrases to help you navigate the most up-to-date COVID-19 investigate and updates.

Efficacy: How very well anything, like a vaccine or therapy, will work in a scientific demo.

Variant: A virus that has adjusted from its first model. A variant typically has a “mistake” in an amino acid, which is also termed a mutation.

Antibody: A protein our immune units make to battle off germs. Antibodies can remain in our bodies and safeguard us from potential infection.

Fundamental issue: A issue that someone currently has, like diabetes or asthma, that puts them at greater danger for complications from a virus or infection.

Therapeutic agent: A therapy or therapy for a professional medical issue. A therapeutic agent can help you come to feel better (therapy), battle off a sickness (therapy), or do both of those (therapy and therapy).

Standard investigate: Science that will help us understand residing units and lifetime procedures better. This know-how leads to better strategies to forecast, avert, diagnose, and treat sickness. Standard investigate was key to COVID-19 vaccine enhancement.